Wave.com4 basic

Modular Control Unit

The wave.com4 caters for every desire. The modular power element features all the current functions. You decide how your sauna is fitted out – wave.com4 makes it possible!
  • Modular power elements control Sauna operation
  • Wet operation
  • LED coloured light
  • sound & light

Innovative technology

  • Modular control structure, ABATEC Bussystem (busbar system), upgradable
  • Temperature setting from 30°C up to 110°C (in 1°C-steps)
  • Programmable special features like start time, switch-off time, correction values etc.
  • Illumination can be dimmed, leading edge principle
  • Several control elements can be connected to the same power element (wave.com4 control elements have to be ordered separately)
  • Separate heating circuit and pool of light (EN 60335/2/53 & EN 60335-1)
  • Safety temperature limit
  • Programmable safety switch-off from 4 h (standard) up to 12 h
  • Programmable automatic start from 1 h up to 24 h
  • Auto fault detection (sensor break, sensor short circuit, limit standard temperature range)

Please note: The heater sensor F1 has to be ordered separately.

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 340*240*108 mm
  • Suitable for sauna heaters up to 9 kW (Increased capacity 16 kW or 26 kW)

Scope of supply

  • Wave.com4 Basic Module
  • Temperature sensor, excess temperature controller including silicon cable
  • Assembly material and operating instructions

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